Training, part 1, 2 en 3



Part 1. (58 min) 3 times counting, why? How did God organise the people en with which intention? And finally in this session the difference between punishment and discipline, the word ‘musar’.

Part 2. (67 min) Some 10 times it says in Numbers that the people complained or even rebelled. How did God use that to prepare His people? Also Numbers containes valuable lessons on leadership. And finally …. the return of the spies and the consequences. Which lessons do we take from this incident?

Part 3. (64 min) Numbers 14 – 17 has deep lessons about rebellion.  Where does it come from and what is the result? Which clear visual reminders did Gog give to remember these lessons? This journey of 40 years taught us abundantly the faithfulness of God. He was and is faithful to His covenant. He gave victory over ennemis, protected his covenant people and gave them what He had promised: the Land.