Written & Oral Torah

The written Torah and the oral Torah

By Ariël Berkowitz

“You depart from God’s command and hold onto human tradition.”

(Mark 7, verse 8, Complete Jewish Bible)

How can we – as believers in Yeshua (The Living Word) – deal with ‘oral traditions’? In the church we also see that sometimes customs and traditions have arisen that we can no longer trace back to the Bible, the written Word. In Judaism, the ‘oral Torah’ is often cited as an authoritative source, alongside the ‘written Torah’. How can we deal with this? Ariel will teach us about this topic.

Following the study we will split up in small groups. Starting from what we have heard from Ariël we will take time (appr. 20 min) to share our personal thoughts and questions about this topic. We want to encourage everyone to come together in living rooms in (small) groups.


Nov 13 2021


13:30 - 15:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Berlin
  • Date: Nov 13 2021
  • Time: 13:30 - 15:30